Why First Sun EAP

Before choosing an employee assistance program (EAP), it’s important to consider what you are hoping the EAP will do for you. Do you want a partner to help your managers lead well? Do you want an experienced company you can count on to respond to crises and workplace issues challenging the business? Do you want trusted experts to help your employees deal with life issues and enhance their well-being? If so, First Sun EAP is the right choice for you.

Flexible Expert Strategic

Flexible Services

First Sun offers you the opportunity to tailor your EAP services to meet the growing needs of your organization while staying within your budget. Additionally, our flexible EAP model incorporates your unique operational and personnel challenges. Not only can you make your company stand out from the crowd and to help retain the employees you worked so hard to recruit, but you can also increase individual services to add great benefits like identity theft. When you choose First Sun EAP, it’s all about you.

Experts on Demand

You can count on our experts to help your organization “Be Better.” With First Sun, you and your employees have 24/7 on-demand access to your own team of highly trained professionals. Furthermore, we help your organization stay strong by offering a variety of services and creative solutions on multiple platforms. Not to mention, employees feel the difference in the support, quality resources, and stellar customer service they receive. Plus, it gives them the confidence to live their best lives and continue to dream big. Your leaders can count on us to empower you with training and expert consultations to advance your team’s skills so they can be better at work.

Strategic Business Advantage

Forward-thinking companies are finding it a good business practice to have First Sun as their full-service EAP. Because of this, it is used as a full-service platform and it becomes an integral part of your performance and productivity strategy. Additionally, it can help you retain good employees. Not to mention that it can increase attentiveness, decrease absenteeism and limit your risk — all factors that affect the productivity, bottom line and success of your organization. As a result, we help our clients increase their utilization rate with a comprehensive implementation program. Moreover, this includes ongoing support materials, utilization reports, and free consultations. In any case, we’re always available to discuss how you can be better.

Experience The Difference

Furthermore, if you’re looking to make a difference in the lives of your employees, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at an EAP that can improve the health of your entire organization. For this reason, join the hundreds of companies who know “Why First Sun EAP.”

To learn more about partnering with First Sun EAP, contact us at 800-968-8143.

First Sun EAP partners with organizations to give employees access to the services they need to do better work: counseling, life management services, and soft skills training. Whether you're an employee, a manager, or ......

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Client Testimonial

This class takes the fear out of being a leader! All leaders deal with employee issues and the tools provided in this class steer you toward a great course for success in leadership.

Sheri M.