Why First Sun EAP

There are so many well-being products out there – too many. Too many that aren’t performing. The double-speak and over-promised services make it difficult to discern what you really get until you have already committed. But not at First Sun. We are about relationships. We are about trust. We are about results. 

We know that people are struggling and juggling multiple responsibilities. Divisiveness, reduced productivity, skill gaps, and the skyrocketing mental health crisis have created everyday challenges. The effect of these continuous challenges on your company’s management team is overwhelming. 

As your partner, First Sun successfully services these challenges daily. By combining these three essential components — well-being services, tailored solutions, and integrated resources — we’ve created a winning combination that fulfills our customers’ well-being challenges for work, home and life.

Well-being Solutions for
Work Homeand Life.

Well-being Services

Count on First Sun to help your organization “Be Better.” Our team listens acutely and cares deeply. People feel the difference in the support and our quality well-being services that help them become healthier, more agile and productive. The combination of our personalized customer service and technology drive the well-being tools that champion resilience, mitigate challenges and help people reach their potential. DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE »

Tailored Solutions

You can count on our experts to help your organization “Be Better.” With First Sun, you and your employees have 24/7 on-demand access to your own team of highly trained professionals. Furthermore, we help your organization stay strong by offering a variety of services and creative solutions on multiple platforms. Not to Targeted, tailored and on-budget solutions are needed to grow your organization. We support your initiatives with crafted solutions to help maximize your success and ROI. First Sun has a plan to address emerging operational and personnel challenges. You can also use it to retain employees you worked so hard to recruit by amping up your benefits: increase sessions, add employee training and leadership coaching, or add benefits like identity theft protection. When you choose First Sun EAP, it’s all about you.

Integrated Resources

No more expense of multiple contracts, vendors or risky propositions. As a forward-thinking partner, we do the research for you. We provide a deep network of vetted resources and regularly enhance our integrated hub to cover the gamut of well-being challenges you meet head-on. With our diverse capabilities and integrated resources, our buying power continues to grow, and we pass those savings on to you. REALIZE YOUR POTENTIAL »

Experience The Difference

If you’re looking to make a difference in the lives of your employees, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at an EAP that can improve the health of your entire organization. For this reason, join the hundreds of companies who know “Why First Sun EAP.”

First Sun EAP partners with organizations to give employees access to the services they need to do better work: counseling, life management services, and soft skills training. Whether you're an employee, a manager, or ......

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Client Testimonial

Our counselor was awesome! She was convenient to our work and took extra time to make sure we got all we needed out of our sessions. She always helped work with our schedules as well. Because of First Sun, its over a year later and our marriage is stronger than ever. We were given tools to be able to get through anything together and we're so much stronger for it . And ultimately, we're both better able to focus on work at work and home at home! We're so thankful for the benefit offered by my employer and for First Sun EAP!

Melissa W.