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Our counselor was awesome! She was convenient to our work and took extra time to make sure we got all we needed out of our sessions. She always helped work with our schedules as well. Because of First Sun, its over a year later and our marriage is stronger than ever. We were given tools to be able to get through anything together and we're so much stronger for it . And ultimately, we're both better able to focus on work at work and home at home! We're so thankful for the benefit offered by my employer and for First Sun EAP!

Melissa W.

Even with all of our prior experience, we were so impressed with the training we got from First Sun EAP. We did not want it to end, so we asked our City Finance Officer for funds to continue our training. Fortunately for us, we did and it has made a significant difference in how we manage and supervise, and in our interpersonal relationships both on and off work.

Lisa S.