Employees & Families

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SERVICES FOR A BETTER LIFE — Maintain work-life balance and live better using your Mental Health Sessions and Life Management Services.

TRUSTED RESOURCES — Count on our comprehensive network of experts to assist you with personal or work-related problems.  

FREE AND CONFIDENTIAL — This is an investment in your well-being by your employer. It is free and confidential for you and your household members. Because of this, individual use of your EAP is confidential and not reported to your employer.

LEARNING IS GROWING — Log in to the well-being center to explore the different ways to build your personal and professional skills.

AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT — We handle the paperwork so employees and their household members (i.e. children, college students, adult children, relatives, significant others) can use the service immediately.

Please call our intake specialists or contact your Human Resources department for plan specifics.


We help people be better at work is not just our tagline, it is a core belief that runs deep throughout First Sun. Our team makes it a pleasurable and easy experience for everyone to use their EAP benefit. For this reason, there’s no need to randomly search the internet for hours or ask around for a good resource. Additionally, we continually strengthen our network of experts so you can count on one trusted source. With this in mind, when you’re faced with a crisis or want to pursue a dream, use First Sun. And don’t forget to explore the rest of the Employees and Families section.

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