Human Resources Professionals & Leadership

HR professionals and leadership alike sit at the center of some of the most important challenges a company faces. In today’s competitive business culture, you are charged with increasing organizational performance and advancing best practices while keeping top talent. We understand these challenges and support your vision to build a better workplace culture.

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Together, We lead better

If you’re looking to be supported as a leader — we’ve got your back. First Sun provides consultations with our experts and helps you find effective solutions for your organization’s workplace issues as well as your personal growth.

Explore The Possibilities

We’re dedicated to bringing you advancements that enhance your organization’s success. As a result, you can easily add any of these services to your current EAP plan.

Identity Theft Services — Give your employees peace of mind with the fraud resolution program that helps them restore their identity and good credit.

Training and Development — Investing in your employees is always a win. Learn why we have a better version of the training leaders want.

Organizational Services — Your business needs can change on a dime. In any case, call on us to help you with disruptive event management, layoff assistance, leadership coaching and more.

Call us to learn more about these fee-for-service upgrades that will enhance your organization’s success.