Formal Workplace Referrals

One of the ways that First Sun EAP can help you address challenging workplace situations is with a formal workplace referral.

If you have observed changes in an employee’s performance or behaviors that are impacting the workplace, the employee may benefit from professional support to make positive changes. A formal workplace referral is a team approach to resolving employee issues that are impacting the workplace. A First Sun EAP Risk Manager will partner with you, the employee, and one of our network providers to work on the problem areas. You will be informed of your employee’s participation throughout the referral. We will confer with you about your observations of any changed behavior or performance in the workplace.

To start this process, the first step is to consult with one of our First Sun EAP Risk Managers. We ask that you consult with us before meeting with the employee or completing the referral forms.

Making a workplace referral is a powerful management tool that combines the leverage of job action with the efficacy of a caring, professional to make a difference in the employee’s health and productivity.

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