Life Management Services

If you’re a big fan of simplifying and balancing your life, you’ll be a fan of the Life Management Services offered free with your employee assistance program. For this reason, we’ve pulled together the most popular categories that commonly affect people’s daily lives and provided a national network of experts who deliver advice, resources, and information on a wide variety of these topics.

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Life Management Services benefit everyone: children, college students, single adults, parents, empty nesters, and retirees, to name a few. You can get help identifying which services can benefit your particular situation when you call First Sun EAP or complete the Request My Benefit form.

Financial Consultations — Financial coaches assist with planning for retirement, reorganizing the family budget, and managing a financial crisis.

Legal Services — Our website holds a wealth of personal and legal documents, and legal information. You may also call for a free legal consultation. All legal services are provided by licensed attorneys.

Elder and Adult Care Resources — Receive resources and referrals for the elderly, disabled adults and their caregivers during your consultation with our specialists.

Child Care Resources — Consultants advise on how to select child care resources and address child care needs for child care centers, summer camps, in-home care, after-school care and disability resources. 

Education Referrals — Consultants are available for students and working adults who desire assistance with continuing education. Identify referrals for financial aid, test preparation and school/college selection. 

Adoption Support — Specialists provide referrals to adoption agencies, attorneys, and support groups.

Home and Life Resources — Simplify your to-do list and get information and referrals for household repairs, transportation, grocery delivery, housing rental searches, community connections and more.

Work and Career Referrals — Experts help with a range of topics like career transitions, interview skills, tip sheets.

Health and Well-being Referrals — Receive referrals on well-being topics such as specialty care, fitness centers, nutritionists and various support groups.

Pet Care Referrals — Consultants offer comprehensive referral services to assist with veterinary selection, emergency care, groomers, walkers, pet sitting, boarding, and training and obedience programs.

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