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It’s time. Time for real solutions for real people. Time to address the mental health crisis striking America and get solutions into the hands of those who need it most. It’s time for companies to tap into a partnership with the experience of delivering well-being solutions that cover their entire population. That partner is First Sun EAP »

Whether you’re a three-person startup or a 50-year-old company with 10,000 employees, we believe your business deserves the advantage of purchasing power, quality customer experience, a substantiated partner that delivers, and the ability for their organizations to thrive. For companies like yours, First Sun created comprehensive well-being solutions for work, home and life. When it’s time to get a quote, we’re here. EXPLORE »

First Sun EAP turns 30 this October. Celebrate 30 years with us!


From our top-tier EAP to our Spark programs that let you fill in the gaps in your benefits, we have a plan to cover your unique population’s well-being needs.


We turn managers into leaders. Our network of experts coach and train leaders at all levels to delegate, motivate, communicate and lead with confidence. We also train employees on essential topics that support your culture and help you reach your organization’s goals.


Managers can count on our behavioral risk team for immediate response and around-the-clock guidance, on-target advice to reduce the psychological impact and productivity loss of a disruptive event, and to provide steps that lead to recovery.

Why we are Unique

First Sun EAP has successfully guided us on many occasions dealing with a vast array of matters. From providing guidance to our sales staff regarding how to handle customers in the aftermath of the flood to assisting Human Resources personnel and providing training for managers regarding personnel concerns. First Sun EAP has always responded quickly and offered sound advice and direction.

Sarah J.

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First Sun EAP is dedicated to maintaining privacy and security of all health information. We habitually examine our procedures and regulations to ensure the safety, privacy and information of our clients. Additionally, we use database services with regular third-party HIPAA compliance and SOC 2 audits of security, confidentiality and availability controls.