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  1. Start strong by registering for EAP 101 or scheduling a start-up meeting with your account manager to learn how to customize your EAP experience.
  2. Distribute promotional materials to employees & management.
  3. Whitelist @firstsuneap.com to ensure receipt of our communications.
  4. Visit our Well-being and Training Center – encourage employees to sign up and log in to access an abundance of resources available to help with life’s challenges.
  5. Follow us on social media to stay aware of our free training, live events, and resources.



  1. Include EAP services with your other employee benefits and highlight that using the EAP is confidential.
  2. Add www.firstsuneap.com to your intranet for easy access. 
  3. Host annual manager orientationsemployee orientations and benefits fairs. Share the recorded employee orientation with new hires.
  4. Share the newsletters and monthly posters to feature the different benefits available to them.
  5. Inform us of any HR/benefit personnel changes so we can maintain regular communication with your organization.
  6. Sign up leaders, managers, and supervisors for our EAP neighborhood news to help them stay in the know about the benefit.
  7. Place brochures in a physical or online space that employees can confidentially access.


  1. How do I request more materials to distribute to my employees?
    1. Simply complete this form for prompt fulfillment.
    2. Download electronic materials for print.
  2. How many sessions are included in our contract?
    1. Please contact your account manager for specific details in your contract. 
  3. We had First Sun EAP as part of our insurance benefits package. Is it possible to get a standalone contract just for EAP benefits?
    1. Absolutely! Please request a quote
  4. How do I locate my EAP account manager?
    1. Please email us with any benefit-related questions or for account manager information.
  5. Who is eligible for EAP benefits?
    1. If First Sun EAP is an added value provided by your health insurance carrier, anyone eligible for your insurance plan is eligible for EAP services whether or not they have chosen to participate in their insurance plan.
    2. Generally, full-time employees are eligible. Your organization may choose to include part-time, contractors, and retirees. The household family members of covered employees also receive their own pool of sessions.
    3. Check with your account manager for specifics on your plan.
  6. What do I need to do to activate our benefit?
    1. Nothing! Your organization and its employees can use their benefits the day your contract is activated. 
  7. How will I know if employees are using their benefits?
    1. You will receive periodic usage reports that reflect employees’ and family members’ usage. If your usage reflects less than two employees, your account manager will be in touch to discuss possible options to increase program awareness.
  8. What is a risk manager, and what do they do?
    1. Our behavioral risk managers support you during challenging workplace situations. Receive unlimited manager consultations for workplace and personnel issues, including workplace referrals.
    2. We are also available for disruptive event management upon request.
    3. If you observe behavioral or performance concerns with an employee, please call a risk manager who will consult with you and provide guidance about if a formal workplace referral is right the right solution.
  9. What training is available for my organization?
    1. Free workshops and networking events are posted on our news and events page.
    2. Find do-it-yourself training in the Well-being and Training Center.
    3. First Sun Solutions (the training division of First Sun EAP) offers fee-for-service training for employee and leadership development, coaching, organizational development, and lunch and learns. Learn more.



  1. Identity Theft: your employees get help from a fraud resolution specialist to help them recover quickly from fraud and ID theft.
  2. Coaching: enhance the skills of a new or seasoned leader and HR professionals with individual coaching sessions.
  3. Leadership Training: equip your leaders and prospective leaders with the essential skills they need individually and as a team.
  4. Organizational Training: we offer affordable training to your organization on topics that enhance your organization’s well-being.
  5. Disruptive Event Management: our professionals help guide you to effectively communicate with your employees and foster an environment that supports their resilience.


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