So long WIN … Well, hello leader!

A winning combination.

WIN (What’s Important Now) was created for leaders at a time when they needed a live, interactive discussion with other leaders about how their challenges were being met. And we’ve certainly enjoyed our time with you every other Friday! It’s been a very successful stretch, and many of you have chimed in during these crucial conversations to share your stories and how you’ve been impacted during these tough times. 

At the same time, we’ve been listening to what you need to continue to #leadbetter. So, we developed our Well, hello leader! series — hosted by Nancy Grunnet, First Sun’s VP of Training and Organizational Development. Nancy hosts this biweekly podcast that addresses trending issues facing leaders. She also invites special guests to share their professional views about the topic at hand. 

For now, we will discontinue the W.I.N. series and invite you to listen to the Well, hello leader! podcasts found on our YouTube channel. A big thanks to everyone who participated and enjoyed the W.I.N. discussions. We think you’ll enjoy the podcasts just as much, if not more! 


YOu can still download recaps of past WIN discussions under Educational Materials for HR & Leadership