What’s Important Now (WIN)

A new series to help leaders #LeadBetter

Join us on the second and fourth Fridays in June to discuss issues you need answers to now. Individually, we may not have answers to the challenges we’re facing, but together, we’ll find them. Share your issues, thoughts, and experiences at our bi-weekly community collaboration sessions. The sessions are free to all leaders but have limited seating. Our vice president of training and organizational development, Nancy Grunnet, will anchor the discussion while our president and COO, Maria Lund will share her thoughts and experiences. Be a part of the movement and join us on our quest to #LeadBetter!
July discussions will be held on July 10 and 24 at noon eastern time.

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Upcoming Session

Join us, July at noon eastern time for W.I.N. (What’s Important Now): Tackling Top Issues Facing Employers and Employees — Now and in the Future

Times are tough and many employees are struggling. Join our president/COO Maria Lund and our senior risk manager, Dr. John Arnold as we discuss:

  • Trends in employer and employee calls
  • How we help clients through today’s struggles
  • What you’re seeing in your workplace and with your employees
  • A plan to tackle the challenges and opportunities on the horizon


Download recaps of past WIN discussions under Educational Materials for HR & Leadership