Enhancing our digital services through the wayForward app

NEW YORK, NY – December 10, 2018

WayForward, a mental and behavioral health technology company, today announced its partnership with First Sun EAP (First Sun), a workplace-focused national Employee Assistance Program. The partnership enables First Sun to efficiently engage and screen more employees, extending the reach of their expertise and maximizing outcomes of their award-winning service. The wayForward platform gives employees easy access to scientifically validated assessments and screenings, and a structured, yet flexible approach to care. Through the app or the user’s desktop, First Sun can offer seamless support and access to one-on-one counseling when needed; the platform’s robust analytics will enable their customers to track employee progress and outcomes.

“Our mission is to make behavioral healthcare accessible to everyone, from any connected device, allowing behavioral health and wellness companies to more efficiently and effectively scale their services,” said Ritvik Singh, wayForward’s CEO. “Our goal is to enable companies such as First Sun to provide proven, cost-effective digital solutions for reducing the incidence and severity of emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. We’re excited to partner with First Sun to help extend their behavioral health expertise, improving employee outcomes and employer ROI.”

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